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Protecting Fathers' Rights

Protecting Fathers' Rights

Fathers have the same rights as mothers in divorce cases. This includes issues pertaining to child support, child custody and visitation. Under Texas law, child support is the legal responsibility of both parents. The amount of child support that is paid is determined by various factors, including the child's financial needs as well as which parent has primary custody.

It is preferable for parents to work out their own custody and support arrangements or, the court will decide for you. Whenever possible, both parents are expected to be equally involved in the child's rearing. This includes making decisions about the child's upbringing, activities and education.

Remember as your court order states,visitation cannot be withheld if one parent is behind in child support. Any modification that is needed in support or custody arrangements must be worked out by the parents or determined by the court.

A Fort Worth family lawyer can explain a father's rights regarding child support, child custody and visitation in detail. If you believe your rights have been violated, contact me immediately.

Fort Worth Fathers' Rights Lawyer

Proving paternity establishes a father's legal rights regarding his child. Once a father is legally acknowledged as the biological parent of a child, he has rights regarding:

Child support Child custody Visitation

The court will consider both a father's and a mother's relationship with their child, their work schedules and other circumstances before making a final decision on custody and visitation.

The Law Office of Ronald J. Kovach, P.C is an experienced family law firm that can protect your rights as a father in cases involving child support, child custody, visitation and paternity. We can provide competent legal counsel and help ensure your interests are protected.

Contact a Fort Worth Fathers' Rights Attorney from The Law Offices of Ronald J. Kovach P.C. if you are a father who believes his child custody and visitation rights have been violated.