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Matters of Spousal Support in Divorce Cases

Matters of Spousal Support in Divorce Cases

In the course of divorce proceedings, a divorce court may order one spouse to provide temporary financial support to the other if they possess more financial resources, in Texas this is called Spousal Maintenanvce.

Temporary spousal support - An individual who is financially dependent on their spouse may request a temporary support hearing during their divorce filing. As the divorce proceeds and various issues are worked out, temporary support acts as protection for the assets and credit of both spouses.

Spousal maintenance - Following divorce proceedings, spousal maintenance, may be awarded to one of the spouses for a certain period of time. This support may last for a finite amount of time, or under certain circumstances for the duration of the person's life. Many factors are taken into account in awarding this support, including whether the married couple was together for over 10 years or not, if the spouse seeking the support is disabled, and the other spouse's actual ability to pay.

Contractual Alimony - As part of a formal divorce settlement, the two spouses may settle on agreed upon payments known as contractual alimony.

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