Divorce Law

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Enforcement of Court Orders

Understanding Enforcement of Court Orders

If you were involved in a divorce that resulted in a spouse being court ordered to pay either child support or spousal maintenance, you simply expect them to pay. When they do not pay you are entitled to take legal action for enforcement of that court order.

With the assistance of an experienced Fort Worth divorce attorney, we can take the steps to get them to pay current and past-due payments. Through court action, there are several steps that can be taken towards collecting, such as interception of their IRS tax refunds, interception of their worker's compensation benefits, freezing their financial accounts. They might be subjected to license suspension, jail time and other penalties if they continue to avoid their payments.

Are you in need of an Fort Worth family divorce lawyer?

At Ronald J. Kovach, P.C., we understand how frustrating it can be to have been warded the necessary child support or spousal maintenance in court and then have your ex-spouse simply refuse to pay. This can put you in a tight financial situation. We are devoted to ensuring that our clients are given the aggressive, legal advice they require.

For help with Enforcement of Court Orders, do not hesitate to contact a Fort Worth divorce lawyer to give you the legal representation that you deserve.