Consumer Law

Debt Collections

Has your business provided services or goods to a Texas Company but has yet to be paid? We can help your business collect the debts it is owed.

One of the specialties of Ronald Kovach, P.C. is judgement enforcement and debt collection. In his years of debt collection and judgement enforcements in Texas, Mr. Kovach has maximized financial recovery for his clients by focusing on the uniqueness of each case and approaching each case with a customized plan.

We can aid in collections for your business utilizing a variety of legal solutions which include but are not limited to legal trials, post-judgement enforcement, and pre-suit negoatiations.

Business legal advocacy requires aggressive, diligent and resourceful representation. Mr. Kovach focuses on recovering your delinquent debts, minimizing the time and hassle you spend attempting to resolve overdue accounts. To learn more, contact Ronald J. Kovach.