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Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders and Your Rights

Protection by a court from threats, stalking, harassment and physical or sexual abuse is accomplished through the use of a restraining order. Also called "protective orders," the safety provided by these court mandates can extend beyond just the individual being protected to members of their family as well.

Restraining orders are either:

  • Those that order an individual to cease doing certain actions such as contacting another, stalking, threatening, striking, destroying personal property and others. These are called personal conduct orders.
  • Stay-away orders commanding someone to keep a specified distance from the person being protected. The locations that are protected by these kinds of orders include a home, places where the protected person's children go to school or receive childcare, work, vehicles and other important or usual places where the protected individual goes.
  • Residence exclusion orders that force the individual being restrained to leave where the protected person is staying, until the court hears the matter.

There are always two sides to a restraining order and we at Ron Kovach are sensitive to both. A committed Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer from our firm can represent those who need the protection that a restraining order can give. At times, however, a restraining order can be asked for out of spite, anger or for an illegal purpose. When this is the case, we defend the rights and freedoms of those who are being victimized.

Temporary Restraining Orders

In order to get a restraining order, there are many forms that need to be correctly filled out and properly filed with the court. We do this on your behalf, and once this is accomplished the court will act quickly. If your request complies with the requirements of the law, a temporary restraining order (TRO) will be issued.

This temporary order is only good for 2 weeks, must be correctly served on the individual being restrained and a form showing that the service was done will need to be filled out as well. At that time, we can begin preparation for your hearing to make the restraining order permanent. Our firm represents you at this hearing and presents your side of the case towards obtaining the safety and security you need.

If you feel you are in need of a restraining order or are named in one unfairly, contact a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney from our firm for help.