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Why Expungement?

Although there are many reasons why an individual would like to have their record expunged, the primary concern of most people is the detrimental effect that having a criminal history can have on employment. In light of our current economic situation, you want to have every advantage possible when it comes to getting a job. Having a criminal record can adversely affect not only employment but certain educational opportunities, your ability to obtain housing and to hold specific certificates and professional licenses.

By having your record expunged, you are released from "all penalties and disabilities" that resulted from your conviction. Your record is essentially wiped clean, giving you a new start on life and the ability to go forward, uninhibited by your past. In our state, an employer is forbidden from inquiring about arrests that did not end up in conviction or from discriminating against you due to past arrests. You will be able to honestly state that, "no" you do not have a criminal record.

As a seasoned Fort Worth criminal defense attorney from Ron Kovach can help you to understand the process of expungement, what the eligibility requirements are and can work to see that your expungement is carried out correctly.

Who Is Qualified For Expungement?

Commonly, expungement can be granted for minor in possession, drug crimes, white collar crimes, certain felony offenses and many others if you are qualified, and this will be adjudicated on an individual basis. Those convicted of serious sex crimes involving children will not be allowed to expunge their records. In order to be eligible, you cannot currently be on probation or serving a sentence for any criminal offense and you cannot, as well, be currently charged with any crime. If you were convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, a key part of eligibility will be the fact of having successfully completed your probation. Even if you violated the terms of your probation, our firm can in some instances still have the court agree to expunge your records.

Once we have verified your eligibility, we gather the necessary information so that your petition to the court is correctly prepared and filed. Finally, we represent you at your expungement hearing towards the goal of giving you the fresh start you need.

Is it possible to have your criminal record cleared? Contact a Fort Worth expungement lawyer from our firm to find out how.