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Criminal Areas of Specialty

We handle a variety of cases including:

Are You Facing Criminal Charges?

This can be a terrifying situation, but it does not need to be a hopeless one. With the support and guidance of a reliable criminal defense lawyer, you can take the necessary steps towards effectively and aggressively defending your legal rights. If your freedom is on the line, it simply is not the time to entrust your future into inexperienced or apathetic hands; there is too much on the line. I, attorney Ron Kovach, understand this. I have seen the ramifications that can stem from a criminal conviction, and you can be confident that I will do everything possible to ensure that I help you avoid it.

When I work on your case, I bring with me over thirty years of experience, both as a businessman and a defense attorney. This unique perspective will allow me to give you the comprehensive knowledge and hard-hitting tactics that I know will give me the best possible chance of success in your case.

How My Firm Can Help You: Areas of Practice

If you are currently struggling with a criminal charge, it is important to realize that you are not alone. Even though the situation might appear hopeless, there is hope and there is help to assist in protecting your legal rights. At my firm, I am personally invested in every case and work exhaustively to give my clients sophisticated and professional legal advice.

I have seen these cases frontwards and backwards and know the tricks of defense to help my clients protect their freedom. In these delicate cases, such as those involving sexual abuse, rape, molestation and sexual assault, I am fully aware of the ramifications of a conviction and will therefore fight tooth and nail to help my client defend their freedom and good name. I also represent clients who are facing charges relating to sex crimes that involve children, such as aggravated sexual assault of a child, indecency with a child, child pornography and sex with a minor. These are unique cases and should only be handled by the most experienced attorneys; I feel strongly that you must be confident knowing that you have hired the most knowledgeable lawyer available that will be able to provide you with the comprehensive defense while defending your rights.

Facing DWI/DUI Charges?

I know just how severe DWI/DUI penalties can be and I will do everything that I can to combat against the possibility of conviction. Should you be facing a charge of this nature, I will do everything possible to either get the charges dismissed, reduced, or a not guilty verdict. Even in cases involving underage DWI/DUI, felony DWI or intoxicated manslaughter, I can be trusted to provide a high-quality defense.

Beyond these, I am also available to help clients who are being accused of drug crimes (such as possession, sales, manufacturing, trafficking or distribution), clients who are interested in expungement, or those who are currently being charged with a federal crime. Even in cases involving white collar crimes, juvenile crimes, internet crimes, violent crimes and theft crimes, I can be trusted to bring my high level of care.

Criminal Defense FAQ

In the wake of an arrest or the discovery that you are under investigation for any type of crime, you most likely have a number of questions. What should you do now? Do you need a lawyer at this point? Are you going to go to jail? Having these questions answered immediately can not only bring you peace of mind but can help you take the right approach to your case in order to begin working toward a positive result. With my experience in this field and my commitment to personalized client service, I am always happy to answer my clients' questions in person or over the phone. I offer straightforward answers that are applicable to their unique situationsHouston Lawyer for Vigorous Criminal Defense

I know that my clients are the heart of what I do; if I represent you, you can trust that I will never waiver from this dedication to offering personalized representation. One client and one sucess at a time. Don't wait! Contact a Ron Kovach criminal defense attorney today!

If you are facing serious criminal charges and are in need of serious defense, contact criminal defense lawyer Ron Kovach. I am here to help.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Driving while intoxicated is a serious criminal offense in the state of Texas. If you have been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, it is important to realize that this is not a minor traffic ticket that will go away by just paying the fine. Should you be convicted, you will be facing penalties that will include everything from incarceration to the mandatory installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) – you could also suffer from an administrative suspension of your driver's license. If you find that you are currently facing criminal charges, you do not have the luxury of taking your time. If you do not take immediate action, you could find that you are facing penalties that could not only be inconvenient, but could ultimately force you to deal with life-altering consequences. For this reason, at our firm, we encourage you to get us involved as soon as possible.

These are serious penalties and deserve a serious defense. At our firm, we recognize what is at stake when a client contacts us and we therefore are prepared to provide a commitment that our clients deserve.

When we take on a case, we have a careful and thorough procedure when we engage in to pursue a successful resolution. This includes careful case preparation, which is begun immediately. We then move into investigation. A meticulous evaluation of every detail of the evidence that led to the arrest is crucial. This analysis can lead to very productive options for the defense of your case, including the potential to find errors and flaws . Our investigation has led to some cases that have been dismissed altogether. When the case progresses further, we can negotiate with the prosecutor when this will benefit our client. When the case proceeds to trial, our skilled litigation team is well-prepared and will present a compelling case for the defense.

Criminal charges are a serious issue in Texas as our state has some of the heaviest penalties in the country. It is absolutely vital that the defense of your case begins at once. The earlier we get involved, the faster we can get into action on your behalf. We know how important the outcome of your case is, and we take a personal interest in you, your family and your future. Your freedom is important to us and we are prepared to evaluate your legal situation immediately to advise you how we will move forward with your defense. So do not waste another moment! Give us a call as soon as possible to learn more about how we will be able to help you defend your legal rights in the wake of serious criminal charges.