Business Law

Corporate Law

The legality of commercial transactions is ensured by corporate lawyers. Forth Worth corporate lawyers must have an in-depth knowledge of statutory law and regulations in order to assist their clients in achieving their goals while remainint in the bounds of the law.

The structuring of a legal business transaction may require extensive research by a corporate lawyer. In order to best serve you our Forth Worth corporate lawyers research many areas of the law including tax law, accounting, contract law, intellectual property rights, securities law, licensing, zoning laws,bankrupcy and other regulations depending on the areas on law encompassed by your case. It is essential that any business transaction be cleared, posing no conflicts with Fort Worth statutes, Texas law, or federal laws.

The team-oriented nature of corporate law enables both sides in a corporate transactions case to work together to reach an agreement that is optimal for all parties involved. Mr. Kovach focuses on service to his clients, gaining insight to clients' needs, remaining flexible to best accomodate clients' unique situations and keeping an open line of communication, both oral and written, among all involved parties.