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Your most important family members are your children so it is important that they are protected in the case of a divorce. At the Law Offices of Ronald J. Kovach, P.C., we we are dedicated to preserving a child's stability in their day-to-day life. We work to assist your entire family in transitioning from one to two households as smoothly as possible. Child custody is one of the most important and challenging aspects of divorce. Custody of a child is life-changing and therefore is the focus of most divorces. As an experienced divorce lawyer in Wort Worth and Tarrant County, Mr. Kovach delivers family law legal advice and divorce representation with the entire family in mind.

Per Texas divorce law, a parenting plan must be prepared and agreed upon for any cases which involve children. In the parenting plan, each parent's responsibilities must be defined and detailed. Some of the topics that should be addressed in a Texas divorce parenting plan are day-to-day tasks, school and educational functions, medical care, activities such as sports and hobbies, and general communication with the child.

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As a child custody attorney in Forth Worth, Kennedale, Arlington and Mansfield, your child's welfare is our main priority. Mr. Kovach can assist you with the preparation of your parenting plan to ensure the best care for your child as well as verifying the legality of your parenting plan. As a Forth Worth child custody lawyer, Mr. Kovach will help determine the best arrangement for the child based on the following points as directed by Texas law:

  • The preservation of continuity based on how long a stable environment has been provided for the child
  • The parents' mental and physical health and moral wellbeing
  • If it is apparent to the court that the child is capable of making an educated decision the child's preference is taken into account
  • If the parent is able to provide an evironment that is stable and appropriate for the child
  • Domestic violence convictions or known domestic violence issues
  • Each parent's ability to meet the needs of the child

Should your case go to trial, there are many more aspects of your and your family's life that will be taken into consideration by the court. Whenever possible we attempt to come to an agreement outside of trial in order to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the agreement and to minimize your costs.

As you face the disolution of your marraige, we understand that child custody is the most important issue to consider. Therefore it is essential to choose a child custody attorney in Fort Worth that can provide stability, competence, knowledge and confidentiality. Your rights are our top priority; we will work with you to reach the optimal agreement in your child custody case.

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