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Business Transactions

Ron Kovach is ready to help you start and grow your American dream of owning your own successful business. Our Fort Worth Office is ready with a full range of business setup and commercial transaction services. Our clients include many successful small and medium-sized businesses in the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area. And we won't stop supporting you after your LLC or other corporate entity has been established. We provide valuable legal advice to the entrepreneur and draft appropriate business agreements and related documents, such as employment agreements, non-competition agreements, contracts, and memoranda of understanding.

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We handle all business law services such as:

  • Business setups, LLC, 'C' and 'S' corporations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Commercial sales; Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
  • Business partnerships
  • Contracts, drafted and reviewed
  • Buy and sell agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Lease law for landlords

What makes us different?

We know how important your budget is to running a successful business. When we meet to discuss your business transaction needs, we will clearly explain our reasonable fees for specific types of legal services. We will also explain our billing policies and what you can expect regarding the impact on your bottom line

We also offer bundled services on a retainer basis to provide you with cost savings for your legal services. We do not recommend this service if your sales are under $500,000 as individual case fees would probably be less costly as an impact to your overhead.

We are working hard to be the law firm you need for the business you lead.