Business Law

Business Contracts

One of the most important areas of business law is contract law. A business contract lawyer can help position your business for success. A contract is an agreement, whether written or verbal, between two or more parties, that is legally enforceable. Most contracts are foundationed in a set of mutual promises between the parties involved. The rights and obligations of each party are defined by these promises which comprise the contract. Legal contracts are enforceable in the courts. If one party fulfills its contractual obligations but the other party "breaches contract" (fails to fulfill the obligations), a legal contract entitles the nonbreaching party to relief through the courts. Usually the remedy for breach of contract is the award of money damages to the nonbreaching party. Money damages are meant to counteract any negative effects of the contract breach, bringing the nonbreaching party back to the strategic business position that they would have achieved had the contract been fulfilled.

Due to the legal enforceability of contracts, business owners can rely on contracts when forming and structuring their business. Mr. Kovach's extensive business law and contracts experience enables him to position you and your business for success both during the formation of your business and in your routine business interactions. Whether you are in the planning stages of your business or have been in business for fifty years, Mr. Kovach is the business lawyer in Fort Worth and the contract lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas that can help your business succeed.