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The Law Office of Ronald J. Kovach, P.C. is dedicated to providing legal service and "Assisting You in Life’s Transitions." As you transition in your life from young adult, through marriage, being young parents, older parents preparing your children for adulthood and college, to your retirement, Ron will assist you in your legal requirements. Ron can assist you as you prepare to open a business, incorporating your business, assist in on-going business and contract negotiations, through selling, retirement or dissolution. <

The Law Office of Ronald J. Kovach, P.C. is located in Fort Worth near the Tarrant County Courthouses, making access to sound legal representation convenient to the client. Ron is dedicated to providing comprehensive affordable legal advice and services covering a broad range of issues faced by Texans as they transition through their business and personal lives. Ron believes in the mediation process as a method to fulfill client’s desire while minimizing legal fees. Convenient appointments are available for any client and Ron offers both after hours and weekend appointments as well as the availability to meet at a location convenient to the client.

We would be honored to assist you in your personal transitions.

Practice Areas Include:
At The Law Office of Ronald J. Kovach, P.C. , you will receive competent legal representation combined with the convenient personal service that you desire at an affordable price.
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